I have always had a great interest in people and sought the “psychological key” to how you can live a meaningful and “happy” life and achieve the goals you set for yourself. I have not found a miracle cure but after having studied and tested several psychological methods, it has been my personal and professional experience that regardless of whatever method you practice, the way you think and how good you are at controlling your mind--and how well you know yourself, are important factors. Psychotherapy and mental coaching can repair and position you and your mind for creativity as well as improve your health and navigate you towards the things that provide meaning and joy of life.

I am a trained psychologist from the University of Lund in Sweden and am authorized to practice in Sweden and Denmark.

My passions and interests are alpine skiing and diving. I am a trained ski and diving instructor (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer). My background uniquely situates me to allow me to combine my experience as a certified psychologist with my training and instructing experience in order to provide you with the best possible education. Especially if you are having difficulties with navigating the ski slope or putting your head under water. 

I have my office/clinic at the following address
Tårnby: Løjtegårdsvej 155, st. tv., 2770 Kastrup (Sundhedshuset FYSIQ)

I can accept referrals from your doctor. Read more under "News-Read and Listen"

In 2023 I work together with the following organizations and networks:
ABC-Clinic, Fysio Danmark-FYSIQ, Gjensidige Rejseforsikring, PrimaCare, and Worklife Barometer (HOWDY).

Business: Mastering-Mind: CVR: 29434603

Merkurbank: 8401-1134081 - MobilePay: 878444

PS: Many have the option to apply for a grant to help cover an authorized psychologist through their health insurance. Some home insurance offer grants or pay for crisis counseling. The health Insurance company Danmark also offers grants to cover psychological assistance.

I am a member of the psychologist network PrimaCare and ABC-Clinic

I support Børns Vlikår-Børnetelefon, Doctors Without Borders, One Meal a Day and Tibet Charity