“Professional psychological specialist knowledge with therapies, clinical hypnosis, mental coaching, supervision and education in soothing, improvement and development”
Terapi & Krisehjælp

When life has offered the unpredictable, crises and traumas, psychological professionalism may help sort out worries and concerns. A professional support in order to learn how to cope and find a way out of the troubles and rekindle the joy of life.

Psychotherapy with families, adults, youths and children. It may require just a few sessions or more depending on your specific challenges.


Coaching, Mental træning & Oxygen Advantage

In case you have dreams and goals but cannot achieve them.

With psychological knowledge and coaching, you will get help to convert your life values and dreams into meaningful and realistic goals.

Mental exercises strengthen your “mental muscles”, which enables you to reach your full potential and ensures that you can reach your goals.

Oxygen Advantage, invincible breathing method for mind, body and sport. Scientific breathwork to optimize health, mental clarity and performance



You can use your doctor's referral, as I have an agreement with Sygesikringen. Waiting time, information on sundhed.dk. Your referral must not be more than 3 month old. If it is older than that, you can contact your doctor and ask to have it renewed. Read more about the procedure with a doctor's referral under "News - Read and Listen".

You must change your time no later than 12.00 the day before our appointment, If you cancel later, or you stay away from your agreement without cancellation, you must pay the rate corresponding to your own payment, according to the the agreement